John Guster (real name Juan Rodriguez) has been a fan of 50's rock'n'roll / rockabilly / rhythm'n'blues music since his early teens. His days as a teenager were spent listening to that music, reading and learning about it, searching and collecting records, like for many other fans nothing else seemed to count more.
At the same time, that passion led him to try to play that music. Soon he was fooling around with a guitar and trying to sing a couple of songs. Although he didn't take it very seriously, he started to play with friends in various bands, trying to put together an act decent enough to be able to play regularly on a stage.

That goal was achieved in early 1993. At a jam session in Geneva (CH), while he was invited to play with Elvis original drummer DJ Fontana, he met the musicians who were going to form the band the "Thunder Jets".
For the next 5 years the Thunder Jets played 150 gigs, which would let Juan to develop his ability to sing and play lead guitar parts at the same time.
Although playing mostly locally, he also fulfilled another dream when the band was able to share the bill with some of his idols like Bill Haley's Comets or the Collins Kids at bigger rock'n'roll events.

In 1998 another highlight came when the Thunder Jets backed English/Swedish famous singer Phil Trigwell for a one week tour in Switzerland. However, this was the swansong of the band as Juan had to put a stop to it at the end of the year for professional reasons.

From there on he stopped playing for a while and concentrated on recording other bands with the JCR Recording Service and releasing records on his label Blue Lake Records.
But the stage appeal was never far away, and Juan was soon appearing as a guest guitarist/singer with other bands or as a replacement act with various musicians.
Plans to put up a band together with fix musicians were often made without leading to something concrete. On the other hand, Juan realized that being able to sing and play the guitar at the same time, would let him play a gig mostly anywhere, as long as he could find an experimented enough rockabilly drummer and bass player.
This led him to decide to federate his stage appearances under a solo name and came up with
John Guster in 2004.

Since then he's has been teaming up with various musicians from many countries, while keeping a core group under the name of The Rhythm Storms. Thanks to them John Guster pursues his original dream of playing rock'n'roll live and keeps on sharing his passion for 50's music.